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Ana Forrest Meditation

Weekend Workshops with Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco

Unraveling the Mysteries of

the Internal Wilderness

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Internal Wilderness takes us on a journey deep into the intimate recesses of our very own being. What’s underneath the mental noise & clutter? How can we reach the fertile grounds of the “second attention”?

Through a series of sequences that works the hips, neck & shoulders, we can begin to relax the Mind’s dominion over the body & just enjoy the presence of being. This workshop series also incorporates solid backbends, inversions, hand balances & a specially designed workshop to help us track our own transformation. How serious is your desire to evolve? How strong is the quality of your attention? Do you have the Patience & Curiosity to see the truth of what actually works for you?

The event is open to anyone who would like to benefit from Ana and Jose’s wisdom and knowledge. Open to all levels. Variations will be provided for non-advanced practitioners.


Workshop 1,  Fri June 7:

18:00-20:30 Unraveling the Mysteries of the Hips, Neck & Shoulders (Includes hand balances)


Workshop 2, June 8:

10:00-12:30 Building a Warrior’s Heart (Backbend class)

Workshop 3, June 8: 14:30-17:00 Romance your Spirit with Ceremony & Music (Hybrid 50% yoga & 50% ceremony & music)

Workshop 4, June 9:

10:00-12:30 Tracking Transformation (Includes inversions)



Regular price: 3500 SEK

Single Workshop: 975 SEK

If you have any questions please contact Nina Hillerström,

Here some information that might be helpful if you are traveling to Dragonfly Studio:


Address: Dragonfly Studio, Kyrkogatan 15, Avesta.

If you travel from from Arlanda Airport you can take a train from the airport to  Avesta Krylbo. Train tickets:

Note that it is 4,2 km between the train station and Avesta city center. There might be buses depending on our arrival. 

To book taxi: +46 775-50 50 50 

Places to stay: There is a nice hostel, 20 min walk from the studio. (bedlinen, towel included) The owner might be able to borrow you a bike.     

+ 46 73-1835879,

Otherwise there is a a few hotels in the city center close to the studio. Airbnbs might be available.

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